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Gluten Free Weigh In

Jul 15, 2019

This week Lisa and Sue have a lively discussion about an article that raised more questions than it answered about mental health as it pertains to someone with celiac disease on a gluten free diet.  Here's the link to the article - The Impacts of Celiac Disease on Mental Health - Gluten-Free Living

The topics included...

Jul 1, 2019

This week I chat with celiac Lisa, who is following a ketogenic diet as well as being gluten free.  She brings to our attention an article which was written a few years ago about the popularity of gluten free in restaurants and it's effect on the celiac population.  You can read the article at this link - 

Jul 1, 2019

This week, Tamie is off camping with her family, but I have a lively discussion with Sara.  We chat about great options for picnics in the summer heat and how she has taught her kids to enjoy fruit every day.  I have never made fruit a habit, so Sara talks about how she adds fruit to her diet, and gives some great tips...

Jun 24, 2019

This week I chat with Sara and Tamie.  Sara and I talk salads, something I love, and something her family loves.  We talk about preparing seeds for salads when they aren't marked gluten free.  Tamie has recently returned from a trip to Europe and talks about why she's not concerned about gaining a few pounds.  I asked...

Jun 17, 2019

After not connecting for our chat last week, Lisa and I had an interesting conversation about being busy, why grab and go isn't necessarily the best option and how choosing a secondary diet along with gluten free is not well understood by friends and family.

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